Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+

Trend Micro AntivirusTrend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ Security is an antivirus software program designed with an easy to use interface and features that are easy to navigate. It allows you full control and you can set its more important functions to run automatically, such as scans and updates. It combines traditional signature based security with real-time protection to ensure your PC is protected from hackers, phishing attacks, spam and all forms of malicious software. Like other top antivirus programs, you can download it from the vendor's website and have it protecting your Windows PC within minutes.

Specifically, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + is an antivirus software that protects you from viruses and spyware as well as all sorts of other malware: keyloggers, hackers, operating system exploits, dialers, malicious cookies and scripts, Trojan horses, rootkits and worms. It can detect and eliminate fake antivirus software. Purchase of Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + for Windows includes a copy of Trend Micro Smart Surfing for Mac. You can customize, or skin, your copy of this antivirus software with an image or photo. Independent test lab AV-Test certifies Trend Micro, and it scores relatively well in AV-Test results for protection and usability on Windows 7 and Windows XP.


1. Antivirus: Excellent malware blocking, ability to deal with zero-day threats, unique cloud-based protection, good malicious URL blocking, use of file-reputation technology to determine malicious behavior.

2. Anti-phishing and firewall: all-round protection with anti-phishing services that maintains an accurate list of phishing sites and a firewall booster that wards off exploits.

3. Lightweight code footprint that doesn’t eat up your system’s RAM and affect its performance.

4. Amazing tech-support with remote-diagnosis facilities.


1. Problems with installation on some malware-infected systems.

2. Real-time protection sometimes flag valid programs as malwares.


Installation & Use: 9.5/10

Installation should be a relatively simple affair, but getting the software onto a Mac offered some unexpected hurdles. The Trend Micro software required us to delete some old, free antivirus software from the machine in order to install. Unfortunately, the only way we were able to completely remove the older software was to go into Terminal.

This is hardly Trend Micro's fault, but it could pose problems for any consumer looking to make the step up from free anti-virus software to a paid version.

Fortunately, once installed, the software is designed not only for simplicity, but to be on in the background without requiring constant feedback from the user.

The app's settings page offers four tabs: Overview, Web, Scans and Logs, which is where customers can control what the software is doing, how often it does it and what it has done in the past.

Even when running a full scan of the computer's hard drive, there's no noticeable performance degradation. But the true strength of this software is in its design as a preventative measure as opposed to fixing a machine that's already got problems.

That's not to say that Trend Micro can't actually fix a malware-ridden machine. You can manually opt to scan at any stage, with regular scans generally scheduled every month.

But as the proverb says, prevention is better than cure, and thanks to things like a toolbar on your web browser that allows real time detection of web-threats, the chances of infection are greatly reduced with the software installed.

Parents will find the parental controls useful, although they are slightly more confusing to implement in this year's release.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Performance: 9.5/10

This antivirus software combines traditional signature-based security with real-time protection. The cloud-based antivirus element, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, gathers data on brand new viruses from the community of users and then alerts every installed copy of the software about new threats. So, this antivirus software doesn’t detect threats solely based on whether they match a local signature database. It also detects threats based on the behaviors of files to see how they conduct themselves. Trend Micro uses file-reputation technology to examine files for patterns that might signify malware.

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + lets you surf the web safely because it blocks access to malicious websites and prevents malicious drive-by downloads. A component of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network uses web-reputation technology to protect you online. The web-reputation approach assigns a score to domains and individual pages. The score is a function of the site’s age, location changes and various factors that could provide a clue about potential danger. In a similar fashion, email-reputation technology protects your system from email-born threats by validating IP addresses and checking reputation databases of sources known to be bad. By stopping threats while they are still in the cloud, botnets are unable to reach your PC or your network.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Interface & Features: 9.5/10

Trend Micro has a long history of Internet Security and the Tokyo-headquartered company has four different options: Antivirus , Internet Security, Maximum Security, and Premium Security.

Trend Micro Antivirus + sits near the top of the range and offers parental controls, Online Guardian, DirectPass, a Metro App for Windows 8 App Store, as well as the core functions of antivirus/antimalware, antispam and web protection.

Surprisingly, there’s no separate firewall included, with Trend instead ‘boosting’ the efficiency of Windows own code. There is 5GB of online storage, though, to share between the devices covered by the license.

When you install and run the program, it presents a small, neat control panel, with a range of skins to personalise its look – unusual in an IS product. The main panel has five icons: Overview, PC/Mobile, Privacy, Data and Family. Below these are one or more sub-division icons, within the groups.

Trend Micro Antivirus


We’ve been fairly impressed with the Trend Micro test results on Windows 7. Although we don’t consider it as the best antivirus for windows, we are pleased to see it includes many features and tools and beats many other programs at total protection from malware threats. And it has a good customer team that’s ready to help should you encounter any problems.

Trend’s popularity amongst those “in the know” is well justified. Few products handle all of our test threats with no fuss, but Trend Titanium Antivirus+ had no problems at all.

There’s also good reason to recommend Trend to social networking fans, thanks to a couple of well-considered additional features.

The only small disappointment was a noticeable performance hit while we performed a full scan, but it’s always possible to time these for when the computer’s not being used. As such, Trend Titanium Antivirus+ gets a hearty recommendation for beginners and experts alike.

It's not quite a perfect choice, but Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ works best as a real-time malware blocking program. We recommend that you try the trial version before buying. The final decision is in your hands.

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