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With the advent of the Internet, many have fallen victim to malicious programs like spy wares and computer viruses each day. Spy wares were created with the intention of stealing important data that are stored within the infected computer such as the identity of the user, credit numbers, bank account numbers and other information which the spy ware author deemed usable to him or to the company he works for. On the other hand, computer viruses are created with the intention of destroying data or altering it to make it unusable.

You can find a lot of anti virus software on the net. Kasper antivirus & Mc afee, for instance, are just two of the mostly widely used and trusted anti virus software. However, there is no anti virus that gives 100% protection all the time since new malwares are created each day. Moreover, each anti virus is often created differently according to its specialty, function or purpose. Some may be good in detecting and removing worms while others may be good in preventing Trojans and other malwares.

The guidelines below will help you in choosing the best antivirus with functionality that will satisfy your computing needs.

1. Test the efficiency of the antivirus when using computer system resources. System resources include the CPU, memory, disk and network throughput. An antivirus that uses much of these resources is likely to make the computer sluggish and this could affect the overall performance of the computers. With that, you would need an antivirus that can handle this issue better. Choose the one that consumes less memory and CPU usage.

2. Get the antivirus software with a good record of real-time protection. Real-time protection means that your computer has an automatic protection when accessing data within the computer or when surfing the Internet. For instance, when you visit a site with malicious code on it, a good antivirus program will swiftly give you an alert and will instantly disconnect the communication between the site and the browser. Indeed, it is important that you have an antivirus program that should be both responsive and quick when it comes to giving virus and other malware alerts.

3. Perhaps your current antivirus protection may have the capabilities to protect your system from the daily attacks of common viruses. Aside from these common viruses, though, your computer is also at risk from spyware and adware. With that, you need to ensure that the computer is protected from these types of malwares as well.

4. Receiving emails with attachment can also be a risky business especially when it is from an unrecognized sender. Avoid opening those attachments particularly those with .exe, .com, .pif and .bat files. You need antivirus software that should be thorough in the job of blocking and scanning virus attack through email.

Antivirus software is the first thing many people think of when online security is needed. And fewer people even consider firewall software when they are shopping around for software. But this is not really surprising considering the popularity of antivirus software; and the misunderstanding of the uses of firewall software and other protection features like anti-spyware and anti-spam.

With internet security software, you get antivirus and firewall protection in one program. So you don't have to purchase them separately and spend more money for potentially less protection.

There are many good internet security programs in the security industry. But Kaspersky has the best antivirus and firewall software combination in its internet security software. And it has passed many tests and has some of the best features and tools.


Kaspersky's antivirus program is so effective, its technology has been adopted by over 120 companies for use in their products. And several certifications attest to the virus scanner as one of the most effective against malware threats.

Its virus signatures are updated regularly and this explains its effectiveness against new and traditional virus threats. And it also uses proactive behavioural detection to locate and protect your PC from new malicious software threats.

Its System Watcher feature monitors your PC for any suspicious file behaviour. And should it accidentally block a genuine program (false positive), it rolls back the system to a previous working state.

Kaspersky Antivirus has been tested and approved by all the leading test labs. And Virus Bulletin has awarded it the VB100% score for its effective detection and removal of virus threats.


The Kaspersky firewall is powerful and yet very easy to use. It is easily configurable and that's down to filtering specific ports and data types. Tests carried out by Top Ten Reviews show that it stopped several attempts to send threats from their test machine to others in the network.

Kaspersky has the gamer mode feature which allows the firewall to continue to run without presenting any interruptions like pop-ups, scans and updates. So this means you won't have to turn off the firewall as you enjoy video games or watch movies and videos in full-screen.

Kaspersky's standalone antivirus program also includes a firewall so you can purchase this one instead,

if you don't need antispyware and anti-spam protection although we don't recommend it. However, the firewall is as efficient as the one you get in the internet security suite and you get a three-user license which protects up to three computers for a cheap price.


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