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Internet security is a hot topic of discussion these days. Individuals as well as corporate houses are paying too much attention on internet security. Since internet facilitates the exchange of information, it is prone to data theft or misuse. In today's business scenario, internet plays a highly crucial role and we cannot imagine to work without the internet.

Since the internet dependency has reached to all new heights in last few years, the demand for internet security products has also increased considerably. A fragile internet security may not only damage your operations but also may put a question mark on your credibility. If you do not have a full proof plan in place then your network is exposed to the liability risks, security problems and other distractions. Thus, it is required that you come out with a robust and intrinsic security system. The following are some of the basic internet security tips that will help to protect your data and information.

Firstly, you need to devise a good security plan. You need to learn about the various kinds of malware and the potential damage that they can do to your computers. Secondly, Antivirus software are a must have for any business or individual. Go for quality software that can easily be managed from a single server. You need to ensure that the software is updated frequently. They are extremely helpful in getting rid of worms, Trojans, bugs, malware and other potential society threats. If you are confused about which one to buy, you should never hesitate in asking for recommendations from vendors or experts. With course of time it's not only the internet security that has improved but also hackers have evolved over time and thus you need to ensure that you are having the best of software and applications with you.

In order to increase the credibility as well as the reputation of the web encrypted documents you must make use of the digital signatures. In majority of the countries, a digital signature is a must in order to comply with the local laws. That's not all; you also should change your attitude towards internet security and should take it more seriously. One simple example of this is to avoid clicking on the suspicious links. Another good internet security tip is that as much as possible you should try to use the secured connections. Also, you need to avoid keeping confidential or sensitive data on shared computers.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is a computer security software program that provides antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-malware protection. It has stand-alone programs for all the protection tools listed above and provides them for both home and business use.

Kaspersky Internet security works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. And it has a Macintosh version which provides robust protection against viruses and malicious software threats that are targeted at this operating system.

We've put Kaspersky through its paces in our targeted antivirus tests at Best Buy Antivirus. And it has shown impressive results and removed over 90% of the threats we installed on our test machine. Kaspersky has also been tested by the leading test labs like AV-Test, AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin. Overall, the tests show that Kaspersky is second only to BitDefender Internet Security 2013. And its best feat was a 98.2% protection score on an AV-Comparatives test and was awarded the Advanced+ award.

There are also many customer reviews on Kaspersky Internet security and the vast majority are positive. They reveal that many users are happy with its virus detection and removal rates. Top Ten reviews, one of the leading antivirus and Internet security companies has awarded it the silver rating for its features and performance. So it beats over 25 programs and is only surpassed by BitDefender.

We've included the pros and cons found in Kaspersky and you should be aware of them before downloading:


1. Kaspersky earned an elusive 6 out of 6 in protection by detecting all zero-day malicious software threats, according to the most recent AV-Test.

2. It's one of the few security programs to include three licences for the price of one.

3. It protects home networks, business (small and medium) and corporate systems.

4. It includes powerful features that are now necessary like parental controls, identity theft protection, Geo filtering, a game mode and many more.

5. Kaspersky has the ability to run low-profile scans and smart updates to prevent interruptions and PC slowdown.

6. It has an online banking mode which protects your bank details and ensures they don't fall into the hands of criminals.

7. They have one of the best customer support team that includes worldwide support that spans all continents. And for their North American customers they provide complete phone, e-mail and chat support.


1. Kaspersky is more expensive than most other programs except Symantec

2. The initial scan takes long, but subsequent scans are swift and trouble-free.


Overall, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is an impressive program and we recommended it for both online and off-line protection. It also provides good protection for external media like USB drives.


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